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Automatic Hint Generation to Promote Concept Map Building and Its Evaluation


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  • 概念マップの作成を促進するヒントの自動生成とその実験的検証
  • ガイネン マップ ノ サクセイ オ ソクシン スル ヒント ノ ジドウ セイセイ ト ソノ ジッケンテキ ケンショウ

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<p>In the framework of kit-build concept map, (1) a goal map is prepared by a teacher, (2) parts of the map is generated by decomposing the goal map, and then, (3) a learner makes a map (a learner map) by combining the parts. Errors in the learner map are diagnosed by comparing with the goal map. In this research, we have investigated a way to support the learner to dissolve the errors. Based on the analysis of learner's map building behavior, we have proposed three kinds of hints for learners, that are, (I) the last concept centered building, (II) specific concept centered building, and (III) concept group centered building. We have implemented a function to generate these hints based on the learner's building history and conducted an evaluation of the function.</p>


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