Curation and open science in "Digital Typhoon": Issues toward a sustainable data platform

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  • 「デジタル台風」におけるキュレーションとオープンサイエンス:持続可能なデータプラットフォームに向けた課題
  • 「 デジタル タイフウ 」 ニ オケル キュレーション ト オープンサイエンス : ジゾク カノウ ナ データプラットフォーム ニ ムケタ カダイ

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<p>"Digital Typhoon" is a project with the aim of building a data platform for organizing all the information about typhoons and make it accessible to anyone. Many users are attracted by data and functionality unique to "Digital Typhoon", such as integration of large-scale heterogeneous meteorological and social data, and interpretation of data as relative information in the context of similarity and ranking. The paper analyzes this data platform from two viewpoints. First, based on the access analytics of about 163 million page views in thirteen years since its opening to the public, we discuss the dynamics of information value along time, and the value of social media for information dissemination. Second, we discuss issues of sustainability in Digital Typhoon from various viewpoints such as curation by pathfinders and open science for citizens, and give future prospects toward a sustainable data platform.</p>


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