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Participation of Voluntary Investigators in Check and Evaluation Process of Basic Environmental Plan :

  • Iseki Takahiro
    School of Human Science and Environment, University of Hyogo
  • Harashina Sachihiko
    Department of Environmental Science and Technology, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

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Other Title
  • 調査ボランティアによる環境基本計画の点検評価への参加
  • Case Study of Osaka Citizen Taskforce for Environmental Investigation
  • -大阪市市民環境調査隊の試み


The social concern with public participation in "Check" process in basic environmental plan has been growing. There are two types of external evaluation method. The one is to consult an evaluation committee consist of experts and another is to conduct a resident satisfaction survey which is often used in New Public Management. This paper discusses a new method of participatory evaluation that is to consult a taskforce composed of so called "Voluntary Investigator". In order to get knowledge of this new method, this paper conducted a case study of "Osaka Citizen Taskforce for Environmental Investigation".



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