Verification of Measures against Heat at a Tram Stop

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  • <b>路面電車停留場における暑熱対策効果の検証</b>
  • 路面電車停留場における暑熱対策効果の検証 : 被験者実験による心理生理的効果に関する考察
  • ロメン デンシャ テイリュウジョウ ニ オケル ショネツ タイサク コウカ ノ ケンショウ : ヒケンシャ ジッケン ニ ヨル シンリ セイリテキ コウカ ニ カンスル コウサツ
  • 被験者実験による心理生理的効果に関する考察
  • Experimental Estimation of Effects by Physiological and Psychological Responses

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<p>A verification experiment at a tram stop was conducted to evaluate the effect of mist spray as measure of heart from physiological and psychological responses. In the experiment, the environmental monitoring at 3 points: in the sun, under the tent and under the mist sprayer with a fan, was conducted and physiological and psychological quantity of subjects were measured. As the result of experiment, there is a stronger correlation between thermal sensation and skin temperature of the upper arm than the mean skin temperature, because effects of decreasing skin temperature by the mist sprayer with a fan is seen on the upper body. </p>


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