Variety of mesophase behavior and crystal structures of chiral dephenylpyrimidine isomers

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  • 1A05 キラルなジフェニルピリミジン異性体の液晶挙動と結晶構造の多様性

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In order to make clear the origin of chiral interactions responsible for an isotropic mesophase (IsoX) of a dichiral mesogen, 2-[4-[(R)-2-fiuorohexyloxy]phenyl]-5-[4-[(S)-2-fluoro-2-methyldecanoy- Ioxy]phenyl]pyrimidine (I), crystal structures have been determined for I and its isomers (II and III) without IsoX. According to the different positions of N atoms in the cores, crystal structures are quite different each other: one-dimensional chains of CH^<…>N close contacts resulting in the large overlapping of core moieties and hence, stereo-specific F-methyl interactions (I), an MHPOBC-like arrangement of bent molecules (II), and a stack of layers composed of parallel molecules (Ill).




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