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Effect of Foot Care for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Elderly Persons Living at Home

  • Himeno Toshiko
    The Japanese Red Cross Kyusyu International College of Nursing
  • Ono Mitsu
    Hiroshima University Graduate School of Health Science

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  • 在宅高齢者の介護予防に向けたフットケアの効果の検討
  • ザイタク コウレイシャ ノ カイゴ ヨボウ ニ ムケタ フットケア ノ コウカ ノ ケントウ

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The purpose of this study was to confirm the effect of foot care for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. We conducted foot care on 11 elderly persons living at home by a foot bath, keratin removal, foot massage or exercise. Furthermore, we compared the changes in structure and function of feet before and after these foot care interventions by testing the standing balance and walking performance.<br> Following foot care intervention, foot problems, including blood circulation and muscle fatigue, improved. Keratinized and callused soles were replaced by normal skin with good condition. The sensation of touch and pressure increased in all elders. Surface temperature of skin and standing balance improved in almost all subjects. All subjects, except for one, had better walking performance. Maintaining standing balance and walking performance are necessary to accomplish daily living activities for elderly people. Moreover, such activities are the greatest concern for the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention program.<br> From these results, it was proved that foot care may contribute to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention as well as improve the condition of feet.


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