A Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycle of Support for Children in Residential Care: A Staff Management Intervention



<p>This study used organizational behavior management techniques to investigate the ability of staff in a residential care home to establish Plan, Do, Check, and Act (PDCA) cycles of support for children, manage meetings without external support, and help children maintain and generalize their achievement. Participants were 19 staff and two children in a Japanese residential care home. We first assessed behavioral contingencies for PDCA cycles of support and then introduced a recording tool and a meeting flow chart to staff meetings. The input of an external supporter was gradually reduced. The effects of the interventions were evaluated using staff statements during meetings, behavioral recordings by staff, and the children’s achievements. After the intervention, staff could manage meetings using the recording tool and meeting flow chart, and the staff recordings were maintained for a year and target behaviors were generalized. The multiple target behaviors of the children were achieved without external support. The findings suggest that data-based problem-solving procedures using these tools can establish staff PDCA cycles to support children.</p>


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