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Can the analysis of attentional blink phenomenon effectively bridge memory theory and resource theory?

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  • "注意の瞬き"現象は記憶理論や資源理論の"連結子"になり得るか?
  • 評論 "注意の瞬き"現象は記憶理論や資源理論の"連結子"になり得るか?
  • ヒョウロン チュウイ ノ マタタキ ゲンショウ ワ キオク リロン ヤ シゲン リロン ノ レンケツシ ニ ナリ ウル カ

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Recently much focus is given to the attentional blink phenomenon (AB phenomenon) which is a proactive interference effect of Target1 on Target2 when dual-task with certain time lag is used under the situation of rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP). Various ideas have been proposed to explain this phenomenon, and they can be grouped roughly into five models (Jolicoeur, 1998). This paper examines the conceptual characteristics of these five models. The author conducted some analysis exploring the interface between the AB phenomenon and memory theory (short-term memory and working memory) as well as resource theory (multiple-resource theory) based on "central interference theory" which is believed to have the strongest explanatory power at the moment. The analysis suggested that the AB phenomenon can be an effective bridge between these theories.


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