Analysis of the Process for Improving Practical Teaching Ability

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  • 授業実践力の向上についての分析
  • 授業実践力の向上についての分析--教育実習生から教師への成長
  • ジュギョウ ジッセンリョク ノ コウジョウ ニ ツイテ ノ ブンセキ キョウイク ジッシュウセイ カラ キョウシ エ ノ セイチョウ
  • 教育実習生から教師への成長
  • The Difference Between a Student Teacher and a Novice Teacher

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The purpose of this paper is to attempt an analysis of the process for improving practical teaching ability and to compare the classes conducted by a student teacher and a novice teacher. The results are summarized as follows: 1) It seems that the student and novice teachers conducted classes with similar attitude. 2) Their teaching activities were classified into four teaching skill groups. The percentages of each teaching activity time in the student teacher's class were similar to those of the novice teacher, but activities differed in content. The student teacher taught monotonously, while the novice teacher switched teaching techniques frequently and different teaching methods (such as using the blackboard and explaining) at the same time. 3) The novice teacher explained lesson content clearly and used the blackboard as a teaching aid.


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