Computing RUR Solutions to Systems of Algebraic Equations by Matrix Eigenproblems

  • Moritsugu Shuichi
    University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies

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  • 固有値法による連立代数方程式のRUR計算について
  • コユウチホウ ニ ヨル レンリツ ダイスウ ホウテイシキ ノ RUR ケイサン ニ ツイテ

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We show another formulation for computing RUR (Rational Univariate Representation) solutions to systems of algebraic equations. This algorithm is based on the symbolic computation of the eigenproblem method to polynomial systems. The clue to a practical implementation is the speedup of Frobenius normal forms computation by modular methods. The result of computational experiment is shown and the practicality of the algorithms is discussed.



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