Comprehensive Understanding of Primary Art Education in Islamic Countries

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  • イスラム諸国における初等美術教育の包括的把握
  • イスラム ショコク ニ オケル ショトウ ビジュツ キョウイク ノ ホウカツテキ ハアク

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<p>This paper investigates the comprehensive quality and tendency of art education in Islamic countries, especially focusing on its relationship with Islam. It is known that the Islamic world observes some taboos, such as avoiding figural representation on representational art. Nevertheless, even in pious Islamic countries, public schools have art education as a subject. Generally, the contents of the subject are derived from modern art education, which values children’s personal expression; at the same time, there have been no cases in which students studied representations associated with Islam. However, several sensitive issues concerning the relation between Islam and art education have been identified such as the propriety of figural representation and scepticism about individual expression. Therefore, I conclude that there should be an art curriculum that is appropriate for Muslim children.</p>


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