Mixing Oil Paint as Color into Unsaturated Polyester Resin in Solid Modeling

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  • 油絵具を着色剤とした混合技法による不飽和ポリエステル製立体造形表現
  • アブラエノグ オ チャクショクザイ ト シタ コンゴウ ギホウ ニ ヨル フホウワ ポリエステルセイ リッタイ ゾウケイ ヒョウゲン

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<p>In this research, the technique in which the combination of unsaturated polyester resin with oil paint to create skin texture in solid modeling using plastic materials will be elaborated. In conventional coloring techniques using commercial products, external coloration and internal coloration have been developed to impart quality and functionality. However, the resulting colors are too vivid because the particles are too large, and the toner, which is exclusive to coloring resin, cannot the achieve texture of skin according to the author’s intention. Therefore, the author used oil paints because of its ability to mimic the texture of skin due to its small particles. As a hypothesis, by using oil paints as the colorant, the author can achieve the intended transparency with a matte texture similar to human skin. Through this method, we would be able to effectively express the organic features of humans and animals in art. The author investigated and utilized the method of mixing resin and oil paint, and established the technique for reproducing the texture of organic skin in solid modeling using plastic. As a conclusion, the author successfully founded the technique in which texture in art expression can be realized by using ordinary commercial coloring products.</p>


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