Learning and Development of Graduate Student Tutors : Case Study of the Waseda University Writing Center

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  • 文章チュータリングに携わる大学院生チューターの学びと成長 : 早稲田大学ライティング・センターでの事例
  • ブンショウ チュータリング ニ タズサワル ダイガクインセイ チューター ノ マナビ ト セイチョウ : ワセダ ダイガク ライティング ・ センター デ ノ ジレイ

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This study investigates how graduate student tutors learned and developed through their practices at a university writing center. Forty-nine tutors participated in a five-year study. The contents of 109 "Self-evaluation Questionnaire Forms" collected at the end of each semester and 29 "Farewell Presentation Forms" in which graduating tutors evaluated their performance were coded. Furthermore, ten personal interviews with graduating tutors were analyzed. Analyses revealed that the tutors learned to conduct their sessions following the writing center philosophy, and this practices expanded their general instructional competence. In addition, their writing skills developed, and their perceptions about writing processes, texts, human relations, and communication changed. Veteran tutors were more tactical in observing the writer and paid more attention to various elements of the tutorial sessions. Mutual interaction between their being a student and a tutor, and with other tutors had a beneficial effect on these changes.


  • kokugokakyouiku

    kokugokakyouiku 75 (0), 64-71, 2014

    Japanese Teaching Society of Japan

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