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Different Concepts of Equality and Inequality in Neo-liberalism and Welfare States(Neo-liberalism and the Crisis of Contemporary Society,The 53^<rd> Annual Conference, Plenary Session)


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  • 平等と不平等の経済学 : 新自由主義的「平等」と福祉国家的「平等」の対立(新自由主義と現代社会の危機,第53回大会共通論題)
  • 平等と不平等の経済学--新自由主義的「平等」と福祉国家的「平等」の対立
  • ビョウドウ ト フビョウドウ ノ ケイザイガク シン ジユウ シュギテキ ビョウドウ ト フクシ コッカテキ ビョウドウ ノ タイリツ

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This paper considers different concepts of equality and inequality in neo-liberalism and welfare states. The equality in neo-liberalism or libertarianism is based on the two principles, that is, the principle of "distribution in proportion to desert," and that of "burden in proportion to benefit." We call them "the market principles" in this paper. On the other hand, the equality in welfare states is based on the different two principles, the principle of "distribution in proportion to needs," and that of "burden in proportion to ability." We call them "the community principle." Karl Marx distinguished the works principle (a kind of the principle of distribution in proportion to desert) and the needs principle in his Critique of the Gotha Programme. He expected that the works principle would prevail in the first stage of a communist society and the needs principle would do in the second and highly developed one. Amarthya Sen pointed that the needs principle had been involved in the social security and other social services in welfare states. This paper argues that the community principles, including the needs principle and the principle of burden in proportion to ability, are more or less prevailing not only in welfare states but also in various communities such as families, local communities, companies, religious organizations, nation states, and international organizations.


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