Exploring Potentials of a Wiki in English Writing

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  • 英語ライティングにおけるWiki利用の可能性
  • エイゴ ライティング ニ オケル Wiki リヨウ ノ カノウセイ

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A wiki is a powerful online tool for collaborative writing. In addition, learners can participate in the collaboration from anywhere; from school, from home, from abroad. Furthermore it is basically free. This marvelous tool has been gaining attention how it can be used to foster collaborative writing. Though wikis has been gaining attention, and some early studies were conducted in EFL context overseas, the use of wiki in Japanese EFL context is very scares. Further exploration is needed on how this tool can be integrated in EFL. This study explored potentials of a Wiki in English writing. The study aims to determine if a wiki can serve as an alternative tool for paper-based revising and editing. The instructor's reflection and the students' survey revealed that a wiki can be a good option for this purpose. The results of the survey indicated that the students are interested in learning with a wiki. Moreover the tool was cost-effective, time efficient and may foster collaboration.



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