A Study on the Process of Choosing and Reconstructing Visual Scenes : through the editing of the film "The Island"

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  • 映像の再構成プロセスに関する研究 : 映画『裸の島』の編集作業を基にして
  • エイゾウ ノ サイ コウセイ プロセス ニカンスルケンキュウ エイガ ハダカ

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This research article aims to determine how the students extrapolate structural meaning of a film through an editing process. The authors selected the film "The Island" as the material for editing work. They required that nine university students edit the former part of the film (about 60 minutes) to make a mini-program of approximately 20 minutes, so as to be consistent with the meaning in the films conclusion (about 30 minutes). As a result, each student was able to choose and edit several scenes from the film appropriate to the key concept(s) he or she had realized. The nine subjects, however, had difficulty in distingushing the visual scenes apart and thus effectively integrating them. The authors drew the conclusion that the nine subjects had poor skills in combining various kinds of visual scenes in an attempt to make sense of the structure of the film and in identifying several sub-themes. The authors also were made aware of areas that would better facilitate the research project.



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