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Current Trends in Studies on Educational Media(<Special Articles>Problems in Educational Media Study)

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  • 教育メディア研究の現状と今後の課題(<特集論文>教育メディア研究)
  • 教育メディア研究の現状と今後の課題
  • キョウイク メディア ケンキュウ ノ ゲンジョウ ト コンゴ ノ カダイ

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As new technologies, typified by multimedia, spread into homes and schools, new types of media literacy are necessary. The problem which arises here is what is the content of this new media literacy? Answers to this problem still remain unclear. In this article, some studies which have been conducted during the last ten or more years are reviewed. These include: 1) studies on the structure of audiovisual ability; 2) studies on the development of audiovisual ability; and 3) studies on measurement of perception through visual presentation only or through pictorial and musical presentaion only, without the use of narative and/or literal presentation. These studies should be regarded as the valuable heritage of research on visual literacy which forms the basis of media literacy. Later studies have come to pay more attention to the ability to use such media, to represent something with the media, as well as to understand the media. The development of various media packages and the designing of the curriculum framework are imperative to achieve these goals. The practices implemented in schools in Tokyo and Kanazawa are cited here as some models of this type. Finally, a general survey of recent studies which are viewed as challenging attempts in media education is presented. This includes a unit composed of a combination of multimedia with students' direct experiences, and a study of development of the ability to watch TV programs critically by comparative viewing of programs. Based on the result, possible future research topics in this field are examined.


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