Teacher's Anxiety in Using Digital Media : Pre-Service Teacher Training

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  • 教員養成学生のデジタルメデイアの教育利用への不安に関する要因(<特集>デジタル時代の教育メディア理論と実践)
  • 教員養成学生のデジタルメディアの教育利用への不安に関する要因
  • キョウイン ヨウセイ ガクセイ ノ デジタル メディア ノ キョウイク リヨウ エ ノ フアン ニ カンスル ヨウイン

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This study is to clarify the factors that affect teacher's anxiety in using PC and the internet. Sixty-seven (67) students from a pre-service teacher training college were the respondents of this study by questionnaire. The result was analyzed using covariance structure analysis. The findings indicated that the required training to become a teacher and teaching experience influenced teacher's anxiety in using digital media. However, the learning experiences using digital media and PC usage have no influence on teacher's anxiety. It was suggested that a more suitable curriculum is needed for pre-service teacher training in decreasing teacher's anxiety.


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