An Instruction of Media Literacy for Pre-Service Teacher Training : "Information Study", General Course Subject at High School(<Special Issue>Media Literacy Education-Perspectives)

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  • 高等学校「情報」教員養成におけるメディア・リテラシー教育の可能性(<特集>メディア・リテラシー教育の現状と課題)
  • 高等学校「情報」教員養成におけるメディア・リテラシー教育の可能性
  • コウトウ ガッコウ ジョウホウ キョウイン ヨウセイ ニ オケル メディア リテラシー キョウイク ノ カノウセイ

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This study investigated pre-service teacher training college students' attitudes towards Media Literacy (ML) teaching "Information Study", general course subject at high school. Twenty-five students answered a questionnaire that consisted of an image, knowledge, and the conscious of importance of teaching ML, Information Literacy (IL), and Computer Literacy (CL). The result indicated that they had more complex images and less knowledge regarding ML than other literacy. They mistook IL for ML. They were conscious of the importance of IL teaching and less conscious regarding the importance of CL.


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