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Literacy relating to the proper use for the data, which exist on Web sites

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  • ウェブ上に掲載されている情報の利用に関するリテラシー
  • ウェブ ジョウ ニ ケイサイサレテイル ジョウホウ ノ リヨウ ニ カンスル リテラシー

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With learning and research objectives, in order to get useful information we have very frequently attempted to use Internet technology in these recent years. The technology strongly owes to the rapid development of personal computers (PC) and network systems. This technology also involves the concepts of both hardware and software systems. The technique is very convenient for us to ordinary use. Some portion of information stored on the Web sites, however, seems to be not correct or insufficient. We have examined here what kind of error information usually exists on the Web sites. We also have described how we can avoid from the error information. On the use of PCs at schools the teachers have to instruct information literacy properly for the students to realize the present situation in relation to the real Web information. In the present paper we have treated almost on the Web sites, which are written in Japanese language. Nearly analogous circumstances may be seen in the Web sites written in foreign languages.



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