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The Voyage of the Mimi in 1998 : Searching Web sites

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  • Webサイトにみる1998年現在の「ミミ号の航海」
  • Web サイト ニ ミル 1998ネン ゲンザイ ノ ミミゴウ ノ コウカイ

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In order to investigate the state-of-the-arts of "The Voyage of the Mimi" in 1998, 15 years after its completion, Web searches were conducted. As the results, it was found that (1) the Mimi was still available in the PBS's television program list; (2) the Mimi was converted to a CD-ROM based package that is commercially available through a firm, and it was highly recognized; (3) Non-profit Mimi foundation is keeping the Mimi that has been used in various educational activities; (4) Cooperative learning activities have been initiated by the Mimi users via Internet. Factors related to long-life utilizations of an educational television program, as well as its extensions to multimedia environments were discussed.


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