Study of Repertoires in Writing about Art

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  • 美術鑑賞文におけるレパートリーの考察
  • ビジュツ カンショウブン ニ オケル レパートリー ノ コウサツ

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This article has two purposes: (1) to develop a standard which is able to analyze students' essays about art, and (2) to use the developed standard to verify the effects of appreciation learning via a software called "Art Reporter". At first, we developed the standard based on a repertoire's framework and verified its reliability and validity. Effective reactions were made by 31 students. The demographics of this study are 6 junior high students, 7 high school students, 9 college students, and 9 graduate students. Every student was asked to write two essays, one before using "Art Reporter", and the other one when using it. The features of essays between groups of students were compared by analyzing rates of appreciation skills. The reliability and validity was confirmed. As a result, this article believes that "Art Reporter" is effective in helping students to have a variety of appreciation skills, and to use high-level skills.


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