Johannes Itten's Philosophy of Human-Centered Art Education : Content Analysis of "Tagebuch von Johannes Itten" Based on a Conversation with Eva Plaut

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  • ヨハネス・イッテンの芸術教育における人間を中心とする考え方について : 『イッテン日記』の内容分析とエヴァ・プラウトとの談話をふまえて
  • ヨハネス イッテン ノ ゲイジュツ キョウイク ニ オケル ニンゲン オ チュウシン ト スル カンガエカタ ニ ツイテ イッテン ニッキ ノ ナイヨウ ブンセキ ト エヴァ プラウト トノ ダンワ オ フマエテ

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Eva Plaut was one of Johannes Itten's students at the Itten-Schule in Berlin and attended Yumeji Takehisa's lecture on Japanese-style painting. The author was able to meet Plaut in person and interview her about Itten's approach to art education. At that time Plaut also demonstrated the physical exercises practiced at the Itten-Schule. Additionally, Plaut explained the contents of Itten's art education by referring to his book, published in 1930, "Tagebuch von Johannes Itten : Beitrage zu einem Kontrapunkt der bildenden Kunst." The book is important for understanding Itten's art education since it discusses Itten's actual practice of art education. This article describes the relationship between Plaut and Japan, as well as Plaut's attendance at the Itten-Schule. The article also shows sumi-ink painting Plaut painted in Takehisa's class and a photo of the lecture on Itten's education Plaut gave in Tokyo. Based on the conversation with Plaut, the article also explains one of the characteristics of Itten's art education by discussing the description of color and analysis of famous paintings in "Tagebuch von Johannes Itten" as well as describing the physical exercises practiced at the Itten-Schule.


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