The Expertise and Transfer in Learning about "Appreciation Skills"

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  • 鑑賞スキルの熟達化と転移に関する一考察
  • カンショウ スキル ノ ジュクタツカ ト テンイ ニ カンスル イチ コウサツ

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This study aims to identify (1) how far the students' proficiency with appreciation skills could be improved, (2) that appreciation skills could function as a kind of seeking strategy, and (3) that the phenomenon of transfer links with expertise in the learning of appreciation skills. We developed a 5-unit program (about 10 hours) for college students, and examined the results of their writings with quantitative and qualitative data. The proficiency of appreciation skills has been improved according to the three indices of expertise. Students learned how to appreciate and write about art with the help of appreciation skills, which functioned as seeking strategy. In the final unit, they were able to use the skills better without support by worksheets and software. The phenomenon of transfer has been confirmed while we are convinced the proficiency of appreciation skills has been improved. However we believe some differences exist between cases, because of the difference of students' disposition.


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