Development and performance evaluation of magnetically driven micropump using flapping oscillation

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  • 羽ばたき運動を利用した磁気駆動マイクロポンプの開発と性能評価


<p>We developed a magnetically driven flapping type micropump, which realized both heaving and pitching motion of a wing like insect's wing kinematics by using the elastic deformation of the wing structure. The pump performance of flow rate and pressure was measured and compared to the pump only with pitching motion. The experimental results indicate that the new flapping type micropump showed higher pump performance than the other because of its heaving oscillation. The maximum pump performace was obtained when the input frequency was close to the natural frequency considering the added-mass of fluid. In this case, the phase difference betwwen the input oscillation and output response was near 90 deg, which means the resonant phenomenon occurs at the input frequency.</p>



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