119303 A Method for Checking Medication Timing Based on Simple Fuzzy Inference

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  • 119303 簡略化ファジィ推論に基づく服薬時期の適切さ評価手法(OS17 ロボティクス・メカトロニクス1,オーガナイズド・セッション)


In this paper, we propose an activity condition estimation method for evaluating the adequacy of medication timing in sensor-embedded house. Because the number of elderly recipients has been increasing due to population aging, and they sometimes have a serious accident caused by incorrect medication. If the adequacy will be low, self-medication support system sends emergency e-mails to their caregiver. Their activity condition is estimated based on simple fuzzy inference method. By simulation, we confirmed the method was able to evaluate the adequacy of general medication timing with satisfactory accuracy.


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