21411 Fundamental Research for Information Recognition Method Using Imaging Device on Moving Object.

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  • 21411 移動物体に搭載した撮像装置による情報認識手法構築に関する基礎研究(GS-29【最適化・計測(2)】)


This study is aimed for the development of the cheap teaching materials which can learn various measurements, control from information provided by image analysis. Therefore, with the cheap Web camera which I put on a movement object, I tested it how you could perform information recognition. As a result of experiment, I was shown that I could read fixed bar code from the Web camera which I put on a movement object Precision to read a mark improves, and it is supposed that reliability increases by tuning of the size of use and bar code and the QR cord of a camera equipped with an image stabilizer and continuous autofocus. Not only the development but also the good use of to the field of industry teaching materials wants to push forward the study that they put in the field of vision.



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