101 Molecular Dynamics Based Study on the Deformation Mechanism of Ultra-Fined-Grained Metal

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  • 101 分子動力学による微細結晶粒金属の変形機構に関する研究(OS1-(1),OS1 オーガナイズドセッション《計算力学と数値シミュレーション》)


It was reported that nano-scale voids increase the ductility of the ultra-fmed-grained metal in the specific situation that they can enhance the dislocation activity. However, their influence to the deformation mechanism of ultra-fined-grained metal has not been well-examined yet. In this research, their effects to the deformation mechanisms, such as dislocation activity, grain boundary sliding, and grain boundary migration, of the ultra-fined-grained metal are studied. Furthermore, the possibility of the mechanical characteristic improvement of ultra-fined-grained metal by nano-scale voids is discussed.


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