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Effect of Ply Orientation on Notched Strength of Multidirectional Composite Laminates and Its Prediction

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  • 多方向 CFRP 積層板の切欠き強度のプライ配向依存性とその予測


The unnotched and notched strengths of multidirectional CFRP laminates have been examined with a particular emphasis on the effect of internal symmetric angle-ply layers of different orientations. Static tension tests are performed on unnotched and notched specimens for different orientations of angle-ply layers, respectively. The unnotched strength is shown to depend on the orientation of angle-ply layers. On notched strength, similar effect of angle-ply layers is observed. A notched strength prediction method using a finite fracture mechanics model in conjunction with an off-axis notched strength model for unidirectional ply is tested on the CFRP laminates with different internal angle ply layers. The accuracy of prediction is found to be sensitive to that of prediction of laminate fracture toughness.



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