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Development of Trawl Gear with Canvas Kites

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  • 柔構造拡網装置(カイト)を用いたトロール漁具の開発
  • ジュウコウゾウカクモウ ソウチ(カイト)オ モチイタ トロール ギョグ ノ カイハツ

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A pelagic and/or midwater trawl using flexible canvas kites as a net-mouth opening device was developed for conducting fishery resource surveys. Wing kites to replace the otter board, and para-kites to replace the floats and sinkers, were designed. During sea trials, a constant net-mouth opening was obtained. The trials clearly show that the kite trawl designed in the present study is able to provide a high-quality net-mouth opening, and that the stability of the trawl is satisfactory under various towing conditions. Moreover, the validity of both the design method and the model testing method for the kite trawl were verified in the context of the trawl' s suitability as sampling gear for fishery resource surveys. In the future, this technology is expected to spread to commercial fishing sites.



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