Trial of Recovery of Seaweed Beds on a Barren Ground with Elementary School Students in Nagoya, Ooita Prefecture

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  • 小学生と一緒に取り組んだ磯焼け対策(大分県佐伯市名護屋)
  • ショウガクセイ ト イッショ ニ トリクンダ イソ ヤケ タイサク オオイタケン サイキシ ナゴヤ

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At Nagoya, Saiki City, Ooita Prefecture, where 'Isoyake' has occurred since about 1997, elevated water temperature as well as grazing by urchins and herbivorous fish were thought to be the causes of the phenomenon. However, removal of sea urchin by seven fishermen could restore seaweed beds. After that, an elementary school collaborated to make and deploy 'spore bags' for supplying Sargassum embryos. Both pupils and their teachers enjoyed the instruction of the course, which was announced by mass media. Ensuring the participant safety is the most important.



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