Study on the evaluation method of deformation behavior of crystalline metal using digital image correlation method and crystalline plasticity theory

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  • デジタル画像相関法と結晶塑性理論を用いた結晶金属材料の変形挙動の評価手法に関する研究


<p>Evaluation of microscopic deformation behavior of polycrystalline metals is very important to predict the mechanical property of the material. In this study, a development of the microscopic deformation field of polycrystalline pure copper is evaluated by digital image correlation method. Then, slip deformation on each slip system is estimated from the in-plane components of strain tensor based on the concept of the crystalline plasticity theory. Experimental results clarified that microscopic nonuniform deformation in the crystalline grain were evaluated, and that slip deformation occurred on specific slip systems.</p>



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