Damage Characterization and Thermal Stress Analysis of Polycyanate Based Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics under Thermal Cyclic Environment

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  • ポリシアネート樹脂基炭素繊維強化プラスチックスの熱サイクル環境下での損傷評価及び熱応力解析


<p>The purpose of this study is to evaluate cyclic thermal loading on microscopic damage progress and associated degradation of mechanical properties of CFRP which is used in antenna's radial ribs of new radio astronomy satellite. Thermal cycle test was conducted on the CFRP specimen and specimen was observed to characterize microscopic damages. Then, three point bending test were conducted to evaluate the bending modulus. Thermal stress analysis was also conducted to evaluate temperature gradient during thermal cycles. During thermal cycle tests, transverse crack occurred. On the other hand, bending modulus did not degrade.</p>



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