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Reduction of Axial Forging Load in Cold Upsetting with One-Way Torsion Die Motion

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  • 冷間据込み鍛造における一方向ねじりモーション付加による軸方向荷重の低減


<p>To reduce axial forging load in upsetting process, application of torsion die motion was proposed. In the proposed upsetting process, one-way torsional moment was simultaneously superposed with axial forging load during upsetting process. In this study, a cylindrical workpiece was twisted around the z-axis with a maximum rate of 0.05 rad/s (0.5 rpm) and a maximum angle of 1.5π rad (270°) during upsetting with an axial compression speed of 0.1 mm/s. It was found that the axial forging load of the workpiece was reduced by approximately 5-40% in the forging conditions where torsion angle/axial stroke and angle were larger than approximately 0.26 rad/mm and π/180 rad (1°), respectively.</p>



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