C132 Effect of demand prediction error on energy-saving performance of PEFC system for residential use

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  • C132 家庭用PEFCシステムにおける給湯需要予測誤差が省エネルギー性に及ぼす影響の評価(OS4 省エネルギー・コジェネ・ヒートポンプ(3))


Nowadays, PEFC-CGS is getting attention as a distributed energy system. It has high efficiency, and a lot of studies of PEFC-CGS were reported. But almost of them didn't consider energy prediction error. In this study, in order to evaluate energy-saving performance of PEFC-CGS for residential use with energy prediction error, I made PEFC-CGS control low input optimal operational plan based on energy prediction value. Consequently, operational plan to start PEFC-CGS in the morning or avoiding unneeded power runup and low load operation of PEFC-CGS can make control low of PEFC-CGS improved.



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