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B104 Comparative Evaluation of Several Energy Systems to Supply Hot Water for Detached Houses

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  • B104 戸建住宅における電力・給湯需要に対する各種エネルギー供給システムの比較分析(OS3 省エネルギー・コジェネ技術),動力エネルギーシステム部門20周年,次の20年への新展開)


Comparative evaluation has been studied on energy systems to supply hot water for detached houses, which are CO_2 heat pump, small scale gas engine and polymer electrolyte fuel cell cogeneration systems together with gas fired hot water boiler with latest heat recovery. For energy demand data measured at 15 houses through one year, energy saving and CO_2 emission characteristics of systems are evaluated comparatively by applying mathematical optimization method. As the numerical result, it is concluded that CO_2 heat pump system has advantage of saving energy and of reducing CO_2 emission compared with other systems.



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