133 Experimental Modal Analysis and Optimization of Composite Material Model Reinforced by Curvilinear Fibers

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  • 133 曲線状強化繊維を有する複合材モデルの最適化と実験モード解析(積層複合版・シェルの振動-1,OS-13 板・シェル構造の振動・座屈と設計,総合テーマ「伝統を,未来へ!」)


The vibration characteristics of the composite plate model with curvilinear fibers are investigated in this study. The curvilinear fiber is realized by the plastic deformation of steel wires and the present composite model is composed of the curved steel wires and epoxy resin. The natural frequency and mode shape are obtained by the experimental modal analysis method where the plate is excited by the impulse hammer and acceleration response is measured. The experimental results showed that the present model has the specific skewed mode shape and it agrees well with the finite element analysis result in terms of the frequency and mode shape. Then the curvilinear fiber shape is optimized for the maximum fundamental frequency by using the genetic algorithm method. The numerical results showed that the optimum curvilinear fiber results in the higher fundamental frequency than the plate with typical curvilinear fibers.



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