254 Vibration Analysis and Optimization of Laminated Hybrid Thick Plates

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  • 254 積層ハイブリッド長方形厚板の振動解析と最適化


A method of analysis is presented for determining the free vibration frequencies of hybrid laminated plates, and the layerwisr optimization method is used to determine the optimum fiber orientation angles for the maximum fundamental frequency under general edge conditions. The hybrid plates made of aluminum core and CFRP skins are made for reducing the material costs. Based on the first-order shear deformation theory (FSDT) applicable to thick plates, the Ritz solution is used to derive a frequency equation, and these results give good agreement with those from finite element method. An extensive set of numerical results is given in tabular and graphical form, illustrating the maximum fundamental frequency with the optimum lay-ups of the laminated hybrid plates. Comparison of the results gives tendencies caused by boundary conditions and laminated composition.



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