1107 Fluidic Micro gripper for grasping a cardiomyocyte

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  • 1107 心筋細胞把持を目的とした流体駆動マイクログリッパ(センサ・アクチュエータ(1))


It is important to give a cardiomycyte mechanical load for developing cardiomyocite physiology study. Therefore a gripper which grasps an isolated cardiomyocyte is required. However at present, there is no device grasping the cell easily without electrical and magnetical noises. In our previous research,a pneumatic gripper which has a fluid chamber and composed of polymer materials has been developed. Gripper's drive properties were clarified by the last year. At a result,it was found that the gripper cannot maintain appropriate cardiomyocyte grasping because of creep phenomena. Therefore in this research,the gripper which is made in nylon material and have fluid chambers of the bellows structure is developed. As an experimental result,in comparison with the previous gripper,the quantity of creep is restrained from 107μm to 34μm. Namely the device can realize accurate positioning as the gripper for cadiomyocyte. Actually,the gripper grasps a small piece of the rubber which is a glass beads.



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