A study of Torque and Force Working between Two Rolls Lubricated with Liquid.

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  • 液体で潤滑された二つの回転ローラに作用するトルクと力に関する研究
  • エキタイ デ ジュンカツサレタ 2ツ ノ カイテン ローラ ニ サヨウスル ト

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The driving torque of two-roll nipping polymer solutions, one rotating and the other fixed, was measured. Aqueous glycerin solution possessing Newtonian dynamic properties was used as the mother liquid, and polyethylene oxide (PEO) or polyacrylamide (SEPARAN) was mixed into it at the concentration level of 10 to 1000ppm 's in weight. It was found that the torque is mainly concerned with the viscosity for glycerin and diluted polymer solutions, but for non diluted polymer solutions it takes values greater than those estimated with the viscosity possessed by the solution. A line of vortex was observed at the nip entrance in the direction of the roll axis for non diluted solutions, but not for the diluted solutions. Torque and force were estimated using the second-order fluid model with an assumed simple flow field. The result shows that the torque is not affected by the elasticity of fluid, but the force is directly related to the second normal stress coefficient of the fluid.




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