Numerical Method for Large-Density-Gradient Flow Fields.

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  • 大きな密度こう配をもった流れ場の数値解析法
  • オオキナ ミツド コウバイ オ モッタ ナガレバ ノ スウチ カイセキホウ

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Since it is of great importance to have efficient numerical methods for large-density-gradient flow fields having little compressible wave effects, the authors have developed a Navier-Stokes simulation scheme by both reconstructing the entropy equation and filtering out compressible wave effects from the compressible Navier-Stokes equations. Simulated flow fields, including the Benard problem and the Rayleigh-Tayler instability problem, show excellent agreement with theories and experiments ; thus, not only the efficiency of the scheme, but also its accuracy are confirmed to be valid.



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