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A proposal on the elongational flow characteristic of dilute polymer solutions flowing into small apertures.

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  • 希薄高分子溶液の小孔流入時にみられる伸張流的特性に関する一提案
  • キハク コウブンシ ヨウエキ ノ ショウコウ リュウニュウジ ニ ミラレル シ

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At first the elongational stress is derived to be ρυ2, where ρ is the fluid density and υ is the local flow velocity. Then macromolecular chains elongated in the solution are assumed to be thin rods and to associate with each other due to mutual interactions, and Batchelor's theory of suspension of thin rods is utilized to obtain the elongational stress for dilute polymer solutions in the elongational flow. Finally, the velocity distribution along the flow direction is derived over the upstream region of converging flow. The results obtained are confirmed to agree with the experimental ones.


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