Study on the Squeezing Flow of Polymer Solutions. Effects of the Fluid Properties on Transmitting Forces.

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  • 高分子溶液のスクイーズ流れに関する研究 伝達荷重に対する溶液の物性の影響
  • コウブンシ ヨウエキ ノ スクイーズ ナガレ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ デンタ

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Effects of the stress overshoot on the transmitting force generated in some cases of squeezing flows are analytically investigated using a constitutive equation. A nondimensional factor (Os) that corresponds to the magnitude of the stress overshoot, and an apparent relaxation time (λO) are defined by extending the definition in the simple shear flow. The magnitude and the peak time of overshoot in the force induced in normal or reverse squeezing flow are respectively correlated with the Os and λO. In the case of successive squeezing flows consisting of normal squeezing in the first half and reverse squeezing in the second half and vice versa, the force generated in the second squeezing is only dependent on the normalized time t/λO. When the two surfaces are subjected to sinusoidal oscillations in the region of high Deborah number, the amplitude of the force and phase lag become large with an increase in Os, and separating forces time-averaged during the sinusoidal oscillation decrease with an increase in Os, especially in the extreme case, the two surfaces being forced to approach with sinusoidal oscillation.




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