Prediction of Surface Tension of Liquid Alloys, Molten Salts and Molten Slags(<Special Topic>Recent Development in Thermophysical Property Measurements of High-Temperature Melts for Crystal Growth)

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  • Tanaka Toshihiro
    Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

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  • 溶融合金・イオン性融体・溶融酸化物の表面張力の推算(<特集>結晶成長を支える高温熱物性計測技術の進展)
  • ヨウユウ ゴウキン イオンセイ ユウタイ ヨウユウ サンカブツ ノ ヒョウメン チョウリョク ノ スイサン
  • 溶融合金・イオン性融体・溶融酸化物の表面張力の推算

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Since physico-chemical properties of liquid alloys, molten salts and molten slags affects various phenomena in crystal-growth process, the information on those properties is indispensable to control and design new technical processes. We sometimes, however, come across a situation of lacking those information, and we have to estimate the properties from some fundamental physical quantities. This paper describes some procedures to predict the surface tension of liquid alloys, molten salts and molten slags. In addition, some useful literatures will be given on the prediction of the properties.



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