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011 Consideration on Competitive Advantage of Manufacturing Industry for the age of "Industrie 4.0" : Comparative Study on FA related System Makers in Japan and Germany from the Perspective of HW/SW Integrated Architecture Theory

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  • 011 Industrie4.0時代に向けた製造業の競争雄の一考察 : SW・HWの統合的アーキテクチャ論からのFA関連システムメーカー日独比較分析(「つながる工場」企画セッション)


In the coming Industrie 4.0 age, managemt such as business model and business system is required rather than just factroy systems to be built. This study suggested perspective combined Hardware with Software architecure is useful to make "make or buy" and "open and close" strategy. By comparative analysis of present German and Japanse FA system makers' businesses, it is considered how Japanese manufacturing companies will establish competitive advantages for the future.



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