2P1-A10 Stability Analysis of Non-collocated Mechanical System

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  • 2P1-A10 ノンコロケート機械システムの安定性解析(フレキシブル・メカニズム)


This paper represents a stability analysis of a non-collocated mechanical system. Non-collocated mechanical systems include a visual feedback control of a flexible arm and an indirect simultaneous positioning of fabrics. Coefficient matrices of the dynamic equation are asymmetry in a linear non-collocated mechanical system. We analyze the stability of a non-collocated system by a particle model and a Lyapunov function. In derivative (D) control, the asymptotic stability depends on viscous modulus and whole length of a soft object not to depend on division number of a particle model. We also confirm that a pair of gains stabilize the system in position and derivative (PD) control.



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