2P1-A11 Angle Control of Loosely Coupled Mechanism Driven by Actuator Bundles

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  • 2P1-A11 アクチュエータ束により駆動されるLoosely Coupled Mechanismの角度制御(フレキシブル・メカニズム)


We present a link mechanism with a loosely coupled mechanism (LCM), modeled on a human joint. A viscoelastic object functions as a cartilaginous area and soft actuators as muscles. The link of an LCM has high compliance with soft materials, additionally bends smoothly as a human joint. We made an LCM using shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator bundles to regulate the link angle. Due to large generative force of actuator bundles, we have better response in angle control. Although it is impossible to set a high gain for each SMA, the whole system using actuator bundles can realize high gain feedback in angle control.



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