1A1-F07 Dynamic modeling and parameter identification of the flexible cables

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  • 1A1-F07 フレキシブルケーブルの動的変形モデリングとパラメータ同定


This paper focuses on modeling of flexible cables. These days, there are many studies to automate the production lines in several fields. However, the assembly processes of flexible parts are done by humans. There are some problems to automate these processes. Firstly, flexible cables are deformed by the robots manipulation. Secondly, they have the unique elasticity and viscosity even if they are same kind of parts, so the static shapes and dynamic deformation are not same. Here we will propose the modeling of flexible cables for the manipulation. At first, we show the mathematical model of cables that has non-linear elasticity term. Secondly, we show the automatic parameters identification of the cables. Thirdly we show the method of flexible cable manipulation. Finally, we show the validity of the proposing method through the experiment.



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