2A1-F06 Comparative Study of Direct and Indirect Human Robot Interaction in a Hotel Public Space(Cooperation between Human and Machine)

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  • 2A1-F06 ホテルにおける人-ロボット間の直接的・受動的インタラクションの比較(人間機械協調)


This report presents a work performed using robots with different social interactive functionalities in a hotel public space in order to investigate human-robot interaction (HRI). We developed robots that able to make two styles of interaction: (i) Twin robots Gemini or dual Naos engaged in a conversation with body gestures, and hotel guests could receive information through overhearing the robots' conversation. (ii) A single robot Palro or single Nao detected the presence of guests and greeted them directly. In both cases, guest-behavior was studied by using four categories that define the level of a guest's response toward the robots. Several significant differences among the levels of response were observed in the experiments.


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