2P1-E06 インテリジェント制御型歩行車2号機(i-Walker2)の開発に関する基礎研究 : i-Walker2の歩行補助性能の評価実験(福祉ロボティクス・メカトロニクス(1))


  • 2P1-E06 Development of the 2nd-generation of the intelligently controllable walker (i-Walker2) : Assessment experiment of walking assistance performance of i-Walker 2(Welfare Robotics and Mechatronics(1))


The walking ability is very important for the life and living. Losing walking ability causes a decline in the Quality of Life (QOL). The walking assistant system named the intelligently controllable walker "i-Walker" is studied and developed in this paper. The i-Walker uses a MR fluid to brake the left and/or right wheels of the walker controlling walking speed and direction. The previous study has developed the 1st-generation of the i-Walker (i-Walker1) and several experiments were conducted. This study has developed the 2nd-generation of the i-walker (i-Walker2), and conducted several experiments for i-Walker1 and 2. First, the line-tracing algorithm is changed from previous study. Second, the control-box for i-Walker2 is loaded in the machine. Third, the new controllable wheels using a compact MR fluid brake is developed. Finally, the experimental comparison between i-Walker2 and i-Walker1 through motion capture system (Arena) is made.


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